Consideration 34 - Health Canada As An Ant Colony

This is my "new" tractor. It was built in 1969. It is my second 830. I bought my first one 35 years ago. It had 5700 hours on it when purchased. The new tractor has about 3700 hours on it.

I took a course in university called formal organizations. These formal organizations are groups of people; like businesses, unions, clubs, political parties, associations and other groups of people that have common interests and usually some kind of structure. It suggests that government departments like the dairy department are living things like an ant colony. 

There are methods of controlling people. The point is; they are controlled. They work as a unit. When individuals join a group, they accept the principles that this group lives by. Consider this; the dairy department has means to sustain itself by sucking off the public tit; it has a function that justifies its existence; it has means to regenerate itself by hiring new staff when old members fall out of service or become dysfunctional to the organism; it will defend itself when attacked; it will try to grow and extend it territory. It is a living organism.


Civil services grow like cancer. Their primary instinct is to survive as a formal organization and defend the turf that they patrol. But they do try to defend the public interest.                                                                                                                                                                      This is the reason for their existence. They have power and power corrupts. There is a fellow by the name of Zimbardo.  In his study he turned some college students into prisoners and prison guards. He found that after a week, 1/3 of the guards turned into sadists. Zimbardo was so upset with the results he abandoned the study.

 A new government and a new Minister of Health will have to deal with a civil service, that will try to lead them  around “their department” by the nose.

Governments shuffle their cabinets. They will move their Ministers around to different portfolios. Why does this happen? A possible reason is that a working relationship breakdown occurs between the minister and the department that he/she is in charge of. It is of interest that it is the minister that gets moved, instead of individuals in the department.

Lets look at a few of the medical mistakes of the past.

Blood letting was a medical practice of the past. It seems to be totally irrational now. The doctors of the day were taught that it was a valid medical procedure. Over time it died out. As with some incorrect beliefs, the practice did not die out until the believing doctors died.

Louis Pasteur found microbes and suggested that they were the ones that caused disease. The doctors of the day could not believe that small unseen beings were causing humans to die. Pasteur was not a doctor.

Elizabeth Kenny was a nurse that lived in the outback of Australia before WW1. A polio epidemic broke out. She was by herself except for one doctor. The medical practice of the day was to put these children in painful leg braces for the rest of their lives. She used heat and exercise to rehabilitate these muscles that were in spasm. Children regained the use of their legs and did not have to use leg braces anymore. She was one of the founders of rehabilitative medicine.

Pasteur and Kenny incurred the derision of the medical establishment.

History repeats itself. Goat milk is a vastly superior infant formula than the infant formulas currently available.