Consideration 31 - History of Goats and Humans

 The domestication of farm livestock was one of the more important events in human  history. It enabled the transition from hunter gathers to farmers.

Philipe Pereira and Antonio Amorim are scientists that used genetic and archaeological data to suggest that goats were the first animals to be domesticated.

I would suggest that feeding goat milk to infants was the reason goats were domesticated. Perhaps a new mother could not feed her infant and goat’s milk was used to feed the child. Goats are small and would be easy to capture and control.

When animals are domesticated a selection process takes place. Animals that hard to control are eaten. There genetics are remove from the population. If an animal could not keep a baby alive with her milk, she would be eaten. Farmers eat their problems.

Goat milk has been used to feed infants for 11000 years. There has been 11000 years of selection of goats that kept infants alive and growing. Cultural memories tell the mothers of today that goat milk has worked in the past.