Consideration 25 - Folic Acid Deficiencies

This is my collection of "Indian Hammer Heads". My father found one, I found the rest. Politically correct people may call them "First Nations Hammer Heads". I would call them "First Canadian Hammerheads".

There is a fellow by the name of H.P. Maree that processed goat milk in South Africa. He states that most of his customers were “infants in agony”. He looked into this folic acid business and found that the deficiencies in goat milk were found in goats that were tied up in people’s back yard and fed grain. They were not given forages. Folic acid comes from the forages. A normal dairy diet is about 50% forages and 50% grain. These people had infants that were screaming. They found that goat milk stopped the screaming, so they went out and bought a goat and tied it up in their backyard. Professional dairy people know that high quality forages are necessary for milk production.

The hammerheads in the picture had several functions. In addition to general hammer uses, they were used to smash bones for the marrow inside. I have a suspicion that this marrow was used to provide emergency food in times of shortages. It worked. A parallel can be drawn between marrow fed adults and infant formula use.