Consideration 18 - Medical Elite Dismisses Goat Milk

Since I left dairing I have been a grain farmer. This is a John Deer 6601 combine. I love this combine. It is the third JD combine thatI have owned. I have a JD 96 round back and a JD square back.

Health Canada and the medical establishment have a lot to lose, if it comes to light that they have fed infants with an inferior food for 100 years. They have dismissed goat milk. The last positive articles about goat milk and its use as an infant formula appear in the medical literature in 1911, 1915.

I have made three attempts to get the safety assessment mentioned in the law through an access to information act applications. Denied. I haven’t gotten enough support from the Liberals or the Conservatives. A rational person would find it difficult to understand why they would not make public a document that states health benefits for Canadians. It is my assertion that the safety assessment is information collected  from well baby visits to the Health Units.  I will suggest that the safety assessment is changing 20000 infant in hell into infants from heaven. Health Canada will suggest that they do not keep statistics on goat milk’s being fed to infants. I have no trouble believing that they have stopped keeping records on goat milk and infant feeding. I was the first person to put pasteurized goat milk on store shelves in Alberta. After six months of fluid milk production I was visited by 2 Health Canada officials and my dairy inspector. The Health Canada officials stated that I was solving the problems of colic and allergy in infants and that the infants were growing well on goat milk. To suggest that

individuals in Health Canada did not show interest and keep tract of this success is a disrespect to them. I would suggest that they did keep tract of this success and when the number got to 20000 the Interim Marketing Authority was passed. I established  a website site showing off this law. When questioned by the supermarkets that bought  my milk, Health Canada said we did not mean that at all. At this point I lost my major market. I quit processing milk.

I asked  Health Canada to make public the safety assessment. Denied. Then I made an  freedom of information requests for the safety assessment. This is when they stopped keeping statistics on goat milk.

Two attempts have been made to get a pathway through government testing for “pasteurized whole goat milk with a few vitamins” to become a recognized infant formula. The first was a long letter of application sent to all of  the Conservatives MPs when they were in power. A few years passed. Then I received Health Canada’s rejection letter, they changed my application from a pasteurized milk application to a raw milk application. A letter was sent to all the Conservative MPs straightening out this mistake. There were no return letters from the Conservatives.

I did a similar presentation when the Liberals were elected. The present Liberals provided support. The first step in this process is a “premarket evaluation” where a prospective infant formula is examined for its worthiness as a infant formula. My application passed this hurdle. This document states that Health Canada will make a change to their Food and Drug Regulations if clinical feeding trials go well. This document states that Health Canada will make a change to their Food and Drug Regulations if clinical feeding trials go well. 

This is a pdf document. I have been told that this means it can’t be changed or copied. I have taken three pictures of this document while it was displayed on my computer.  At present I do not have the skill to make the pictures bigger. It is also of interest that the document was written using  Government of Canada header. Usually I receive documents from them with a Health Canada header.


In 2017 this document disappeared from my inbox and was replaced with another document. This document rejected my application and res-erected the objections that were dismissed in the approval document. [see above] This document did not add the vitamins that I would have added. This document also disappeared from my inbox. About this time Stephane Dion was kicked out of cabinet. Jane Philopott was the Health Minister at the time. I forwarded a copy of this document to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, and her Health Minister, Sarah Hoffman and other people. Notley and Hoffman were asked to make public this document. No action. These ladies have no empathy for suffering infants. The people on the left of the political spectrum believe what ever the civil service tells them. That makes them incredibly ignorant. Hoffman suggested that I contact the new Health Minister. He does not have a copy the Oc 21 letter. Time to pull a Kinder Morgan.

I can send you a pdf copy of the above document.

I presented my views to the RCMP. He said he did not know who to phone. Are civil servants above the law?

While the above document was still on my gmail address, I presented my ideas to the pediatrics Department of the University of Alberta.. They did not return my calls.

I have encountered three approaches to understanding Health Canada’s behavior.

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I am sure that Health Canada has manufactured more objections to goat milks use as an infant formula.