Consideration 13 - Milk Provides An Evolutionary Opportunity

This is a Toggenburg goat. A ribbon winner. She has a long eligant neck , a big barrel belly for eating lots of food, nice straight legs and a capacious udder.
 An evolutionary opportunity is available for the addition of nutrients to milk that could improve the infant’s chances to survive and reproduce. Medicines are given daily or multiple times a day. Few medicines are given monthly. A small amount of medicine is given daily to deal with a particular situation.
Milk is a delivery vehicle for ingredients.

Which medicines would get put into the milk? If the infant has a problem, then milk has an opportunity to come up with a solution to the problem. If a ingredient has been found that is a solution to this problem, then the infant will survive and the ingredient will be remembered in the genetic code. The infant has to survive and reproduce in order for the new ingredient to be remembered in the genetic code.

Milk has a problem solving mechanism.