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Inspector cat watches all. Here I am in my indoor clothing. This clothing consists of full parka, long underwear and snow pants. I am comfortable. The thermostat is set as low as it goes. Alberta air is dry in the winter. It is hard on my throat. The warmer the air, the drier it gets. It also is an my effort to combat climate warming.

“Don’t follow leaders a-watching parking meters.” Bob Dylan

I was an infant that suffered from colic. It was the worst time of my mother’s life. When I was informed by Health Canada officials that I was solving the problems of colic and allergies in infants, I thought this is goat milks place in Canadian society. I have remained true to this opinion.

A livestock farmer has all these experiences of raising animals. The most important thing that a farmer does for his animals, is what he feds them. Beef farmers let the calves suck from their mothers. Dairy farmers frequently want to sell the milk that they produce. They feed the calves milk replacer. I have done both.

” Overall, 8.7% of heifer calves born alive died prior to weaning. • Calf scours, diarrhea, and other digestive problems accounted for 62.1% of all pre-weaned heifer deaths. • Respiratory deaths represented 21.3% of all heifer deaths.”


I found that the young goats that were fed milk replacer had poorer hair coats.

Over the years I have found arguments that strengthen my opinion. The total of these arguments has come to 38.

On top of this I believe that I have changed Canadian law three times.

Early in my milk processing career, I became aware that the medical community did not want to use goat milk for infant feeding is because they thought it was low in folic acid. I asked Health Canada for permission to add folic acid to my milk. It was denied.

Further conversations with the Dairy Department led me to state that, “ok, if I get sued for a child getting folic acid deficiencies, I can say, well I tried to add it but the government said no.” The next time a goat milk processor asked for permission to add folic acid to his milk, it was granted.

I continued to ask Health Canada for goat milk to become a recognized infant formula. They added the “premarket examination” process that enabled Health Canada to reject my efforts. This is the second law that was created by my efforts.

Third law was the removal of the first law, the ability of goat milk processors to add folic acid to goat milk.

One step forward and two backward.

In January of this year Rachel Notley joined my LinkedIn group. I had forwarded her a copy of the Oc 21/2016 pre-market letter approval letter. [the one that disappeared] To me this means that she is willing to show her copy of this letter. This gives strength to my contention that this approval was given. This spurred me to develop this website.

In the past I have asked both the Conservatives and the Liberals for their assistance shortly after they were elected. I have realized that this is the wrong time. Governments are more likely to do things that will benefit Canadians when an election is near. An example of this is the plethora of spending announcements that have happened recently. Buying votes with the taxpayer’s money.

In the document concerning President Trumps meddling with the UN,s breastfeeding policy, a mention of a study that suggests that 823,000 infants die yearly due to a lack of sufficient breastfeeding. I think that goat milk feeding can cut this number in half.

I believe that I have given you enough evidence that infant formula feeding is infant abuse. If you would like to stop this abuse please add your goat milk story or join my support group.

Yours Truly

Clark Lysne

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