Consideration 37 - Goat Milk Stories

This is a wet spot. The dry areas around the spot show that it has been a few days since it rained. This field was seeded a few days before the rain. My seeder had one opener that seeded in the traditional manner. The seed in this row produced no crop in this wet spot. The new method of seeding produced a crop in all but the area of standing water.

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Goat Milk Stories

My daughter Nicole was fed a goat milk formula reluctantly suggested by a main health unit in Edmonton that had worked well for my previous two children. When we went to the health nurse, she didn’t like that idea. She persuaded me to try SMA for a weekend. Nicole cried for the whole weekend. On Monday morning I phoned the health nurse and told her the situation, Nicole was screaming in the background. I suggested to the health nurse that if she wanted the child to stay on SMA that she take the child. She declined. Nicole went back to goat milk that morning and quit crying that afternoon. She grew well on goat milk and weighted more 3 or 4 lbs more every checkups. In that weekend, I thought I had died and had gone to hell.

Trish Welman

My son had an allergic reaction to cow’s milk when I went to a family occasion. I nearly lost him. He didn’t do well on Soya milk. I tried him on goat milk. He slept through the night and that was a miracle. My son did well on goat milk.

Joyce Stewart,
Ma-Me-O Beach, AB

I first introduced my daughter to formula milk when she was a four month infant but she did not digest it very well. I tried every cow’s milk formula available, all producing the same result. After a two week period, she developed severe diarrhoea. I was very relieved when she responded favourably to Goat Milk. The diarrhoea stopped after a couple days. She resumed her regular hours and I could also sleep again.

Claudette Croteau,

In 1984, we discovered our youngest son was lactose intolerant. All milk and milk products were eliminated from his diet. He loved cereal so six months later; we experimented with goat milk and other lactose -free milk products.

Twelve years later, he still prefers goat milk to any other product on the market. Goat milk is the only one he will drink as a beverage – he doesn’t like the taste of the other products.

Neil and Peggy Olstad,
Millet, AB

I am xx* I have had a condition which I call ‘nervous stomach ‘ for quite a while. Things got worse and I lost weight due to diarrhoea problems. I had diarrhoea problems with most foods. I tried goat milk and the problems went away. I was drinking goat milk many times a day. Goat milk provided the nutrition to rebuild my body. A few years later I found that bran was a more appropriate treatment for my condition.


my daughter had internal cancer. In the last months of her life she had trouble digesting most foods. We tried many things; goat milk was one of the foods she could tolerate. She preferred it to cow’s milk and found it easier to digest. Goat milk and corn starch pudding were the foods that seemed to work best.


I would not trade Goat Milk for cow’s milk anymore. It has made me a lot better health wise. I wish that more people with health problems would try it. I hope and pray that you will keep in business so that we can get this supply of milk from you.

Erna Pachenik
Calgary, AB

My four year old, Cassandra, was having sever and frequent earaches that were not due to infection, but were caused by an intolerance to cow’s milk. Her doctor recommended that all foods that might contain cow milk be eliminated from her diet. We tried Soya but she couldn’t stand the taste. Once we found out that goat’s milk was readily available at the store, the ear aches ended. In the past two years I have been using it exclusively in all my baking sauces and even made ice cream that could never tell from the real’ thing. We have had a tougher time finding a substitute for sour cream, yogurt and cream cheese. Cassandra loves the taste of the milk and is always disappointed when we have something instead of cereal. Our grocer in Cremona began stocking goat’s milk at my request and now has found it to be beneficial to his own family as his daughter was unable to tolerate cow’s milk and was weaned right to goat’s milk.

Laura Okley

My story begins December 1997, when my 2 1/2 year old was rushed to the hospital with an allergic reaction to pecans. He was tested for nut and peanut allergies, and was found to have anaphylaxis reaction to all nuts.

>From the time he had the first reaction, to the pecans, he developed extremely bad eczema. He would scratch until he was bleeding. I took him to doctor after doctor, but not one told me to take him off of cow’s milk. They just gave me more medication to relieve the itching, but it only made the itch worse.

One day I was reading an article about cow’s milk being linked to eczema, so I took my son off of cow’s milk and put him on goat’s milk. It took about two weeks to see a noticeable result. My son does not wake up in the night crying because the itch is so bad. He is no longer restless through the day, and the black circles under his eyes are starting to disappear.

I feel that anyone with allergies should give goats milk a try. If you want to talk to me about my experience, you can call me at 1-403-526-0609 or email at

Shanuna Kerner
Medicine Hat, AB

My child is lactose intolerant. He had a very bad rash on his bum. My mother in law informed me that my husband had a similar problem when he was a baby. We tried him on Soya milk but he brought it up. Goat milk is better than anything else.

An Albertan

My daughter has sensitivity to cow’s milk. We took her off formula at twelve months of age and put her on cow’s milk. She became irritable, she was not doing well, she was not sleeping well and she was not eating properly. We put her on goat milk and there was an immediate turn around. She is eating better and she is sleeping more. Goat milk is far better for my child.


My story starts on Aug. 27, 1996. My son was taken to intensive care. He had gone from weighing 7lb 10 oz. to 6lb 9 oz. I have allergies to cow’s milk; I didn’t want to put him through what I went through. He has been on goat milk since day 3. In the first year he gained 20 lb. He loves the taste. He is strong, healthy and clever. I took him to two movie agencies; they were impressed with his looks and his willingness to cooperate with them. Thank you Lone Ridge Dairy for being available for us.

Jenifer Smith,
Leduc, AB

My daughter did not gain any weight for the first 6 months of her life. We tried everything, nothing worked until we tried goat milk. My daughter is alive thanks to goat milk and our life is much better.

An Albertan

Both my daughter and I have severe allergies to cow dairy products. I myself, was introduced to goat dairy products years ago, as a very healthy alternative and when my daughter was born with my allergies and more, our family doctor (who also teaches obstetrics in Edmonton), whole heartedly endorsed the use of goat’s milk for a new born infant and she has been drinking goat’s milk for five and a half years. Her Kindergarten teacher was amazed at how healthy she looked with all her various allergies and I told her she was raised on goat’s milk.

We have found goat milk richer and sweeter in taste and the fat is highly digestible. We have made homemade ice cream with pure goat milk cream, chocolate goat milk, butter, and butter milk, not to mention the various cheeses we can eat, all made from goat milk! My hope is that goat milk will soon be available in the 4 litre jug! Thank you for producing what I have fondly referred to as white sugar. Goat milk should be referred to as liquid white gold because goat milk is a wonderful product that keeps us healthy, and that’s very precious indeed!

Deboarah A. Spearing

As recommended by a homeopathic doctor my 16 month old son was put on goat milk. On cow’s milk he was not sleeping or eating well and was vomiting for no reason. When put on the goat milk he started sleeping and eating better and does not vomit for no reason. It has helped him a lot in the short time he has been on it.

Lisa Zielke

My name is Maureen Lester and I had a baby five years ago. I did try to breast feed him but I had no milk. So I put him on Infant formula. When the health nurse came to see us she noticed that Zachary, my son was very congested so she told me I should try him on a Soya based formula. I did this and proceeded to have the next three months of hell. Zachary could not digest the Soya formula properly and became so constipated that the nurse said to feed him prune juice. That did not help. His stool was so hard that it came out in nuggets and were green. He never slept well because of tummy aches, at three months of age he proceeded to start vomit up his formula every time he was fed. This wasn’t just spitting upon, this was projectile vomit. A friend of mine who had some goats told me that maybe Zachary might be able to drink goat’s milk. I then tried my son with it and found that he could drink it without any side effects. Even now that he is five years old I find that he can only tolerate cow’s milk for short periods of time before he gets irritable and unco-operative. I try to make sure that I give him goat’s milk. My husband to is trying it for he too is allergic to cow’s milk.

Maureen Lester

When I stopped nursing my son at 10 1/2 months; we tried putting him on homo cow’s milk. After a couple of weeks he developed breathing and skin problems. My doctor suggested goat’s milk. It took a couple weeks but his breathing cleared up and his skin rashes have gotten a little better. He also had a lot of trouble gaining weight. Since being on the goat’s milk for three months he has gained 3 pounds & has grown about an inch and a half.

Michelle Gidosh

I would like to let you all know about my great success with goat milk. I have always had quite a problem digesting my food without getting stomach gas or cramps mostly, first thing in the morning since drinking your goat’s milk this has gone away. I just drink a glass before eating and it really helps. I’d recommend this for any digestive problems. I wish you all the best in 1999. And keep the milk coming. Thanks again.

Tom Woodlings,
Water Valley, AB

My 3 1/2 year old son had been plagued with mild asthma, eczema, repeated ear infections and digestive problems since he was a baby. I had several people suggest goat milk might help, so I tried it. The eczema and digestive problems cleared up within a few weeks and the asthma and ear infections so far have not returned. I have been using goat milk now for 4 months. My son is also a very picky eater but he never once turned down the goat milk. I’d recommend to anyone with milk allergies or eczema to give it a try.

Elaine Lysons,
Ponoka, AB

My grandson Jarom Thomas Bisgaard – one of triplets – were born March 15, 1999 – 5.5 months ago at 2 lb and 14 oz.

He was placed on a soybean formula like his two sisters Catie and Sarah, but because he has a stomach reflex problem and could not digest the Soya. He was always crying and wreathing his little body and crying a lot.

After 2 months of problems where he was in constant pain and could not go to the bathroom – my daughter had to give him enemas, she Linda Bisgaard – decided to try him on your goat’s milk. Within a week his whole metabolism changed. He was more peaceful. stopped crying and wreathing his body and was able to have regular bowl movements. Today Jarom is a big boy on 14 pounds – even though he still has to have his daily medication for his stomach reflex problem. (two of the triplets are now on goat’s milk)

Vileeke Niemann

My friend’s daughter is 10 years old and cannot drink any other milk.

Tim Gamel

My 12 year old has an allergy to milk. We tried him on soy milk, rice dream, and a few other products. The poor boy lost so much weight that by the time he was eight years old you could count every rib on him. On a friends suggestion about three years ago we tried goat’s milk. He loved it and started putting on weight. He is still slim, but he is healthy now.

Wendy Firkus

Our youngest child was born with a multitude of allergies. At that time, doctors were not willing for children to undergo allergy tests. She suffered terribly as a newborn with constant vomiting and diarrhoea, then medication, etc,etc. It turned out that she was allergic to milk and all the milk based infant formulas as well. In desperation, we switched her to goat milk. Needless to say the many visits to the doctor and drugstore ceased immediately. What a wonderful change! And she became a joy to have in our family instead of a chore.

Loretta Carlson

Tennessee John Bergen – Born Oct 5/88 my fourth child and first son. I had nursed all three girls easily, but when I put this little boy to my breast he wouldn’t latch on. I persevered, I was patient, and I know I could nurse him — all you have to do is have the desire right? Anyone could nurse their baby, right? I was always into healthy foods, all natural etc. so bottle feeding with formula was not an option. I thought my boy was doing fine — nursing wasn’t going well but…when he was about 3 – 4 weeks old I was at a meeting that one of the health unit nurses happened to be at. A friend and I were showing off our babies. She asked if she could come and visit me at home the next morning. She showed up with a baby scale. He weighed less than his birth weight!! I was devastated. With many, many tears, I reluctantly put him on a bottle with formula. It went against all my principles – how could I bond with this baby? We got used to the bottle, but I hated the formula. Then one day a friend mentioned goat’s milk. Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of that — a natural alternative — we switched to goats milk and lived happily ever after.

Sophie Lane Bergen – Sophie was born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome children usually have low muscle tone which sometimes means they do not suck well. Sophie not only did not suck well, she had no rooting reflex. I tried to nurse her as I had my other daughters — but it didn’t work out. I had had trouble nursing my son and had learned from that experience that just because you can’t nurse doesn’t mean you can’t bond. So I put her on the bottle right away. And what did I put in that bottle — goats milk of course!! My son had thrived on goat’s milk so that was my natural choice.

Kathleen Bergen

I have been drinking your goat’s milk for some time. I find that it does not cause any sinus or constipation problems which I do have from cow’s milk products.

Arlene Ness

* The author wishes to be anonymous due to the personal nature of the story.